How to Organize Kitchen Cupboard

It’s time to clean and organize your kitchen cupboard before Christmas.

Here’re some tips on organizing kitchen cupboard.

  • Remove all items from the cupboards and assess what you have
  • Discard chipped or cracked items
  • Determine which items you want to keep
  • Stack like items together neatly
  • Gain more storage space by placing risers within the cupboards

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  • Place everyday dishes on lower, easy-to-reach shelves
  • Place special-occasion items on higher shelves
  • Stack cups and saucers together to make the best use of space
  • Store stemware upright to avoid chipping the delicate rim of the glasses
  • Keep everyday glasses on a shelf closest to the sink

Still feel hard to organize the cupboard? Just do it, start from a five minutes organizing and you will get your cupboard organized.

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