Benefits of being organized

Here are some Benefits of an Organized Home that are likely to touch your life if you declutter and give everything a rightful home. 1. You Save Time – (Benefits of being organized) One of the greatest and most obvious benefits of an organized home is saving time. What do I mean by this? I

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Stollen Crinkle Biscuits

Nothing evokes Christmas quite like the flavors of stollen, and we’ve put them into these eye-catching biscuits. You can leave out the brandy, if you prefer, or soak the fruit in apple juice instead. These delicious stollen flavored cookies are a treat on the eye and make the perfect gift this festive season!   Ingredients 50 g mixed dried fruit

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Kitchen Organizing

DIY Kitchen Pegboard – Pots and Pans Crime Scene

My kitchen is tiny. I’m not complaining. Without Kitchen Pegboard, It could be worse. My first apartment didn’t even have a kitchen, just a toaster oven on a counter. Back when I was house shopping for my first home I really, really wanted to find something with a somewhat spacious kitchen. Turns out that a spacious kitchen

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5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home Before Christmas

You’re probably already planning to declutter and organize your house after the holidays. Besides losing weight, I think “”getting organized” is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. It was certainly one of my top resolutions for many years. But why should you declutter BEFORE Christmas?? Because your already over-stuffed home is about to

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Bathroom Organizing

7 Tips to Organize Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities can be small and compact, with needing to store so much in them it makes it hard to keep it tidy and organized. Especially for those vanities without enough drawers. Read below tips to make your vanity more manageable. 1. Purge  Take everything out of the vanity, as you do this sort and

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Kitchen Organizing

How to Organize Kitchen Cupboard

It’s time to clean and organize your kitchen cupboard before Christmas. Here’re some tips on organizing kitchen cupboard. Remove all items from the cupboards and assess what you have Discard chipped or cracked items Determine which items you want to keep Stack like items together neatly Gain more storage space by placing risers within the

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