7 Tips to Organize Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities can be small and compact, with needing to store so much in them it makes it hard to keep it tidy and organized. Especially for those vanities without enough drawers. Read below tips to make your vanity more manageable.

1. Purge

 Take everything out of the vanity, as you do this sort and throw out anything that you no longer need, use or is out of date such as: 

  • Bottles of shampoo, soap or lotions that have too little to save in it
  • Expired makeup
  • Color of makeup you will not wear
  • Expired medications
  • Lotions, shampoo, styling products etc. that you will not use
  • Samples
  • Old toothbrushes/makeup brushes
  • Rusty razors
  • Hair styling tools you have not used in over 6 months
  • Toys that are moldy and you don’t have time to clean
  • Things that don’t belong in the bathroom vanity

2. Sort

As you remove all the items from the shelves organize them into like piles eg. makeup, lotions, shampoo, first-aid etc. This will make it easier for the store and organize process.

3. Clean

Wipe over shelves removing all dust and dirt so then you can place storage items and products back onto clean surfaces.

4. Make a Plan

By taking all items out of the vanity and sorting into like piles, this will give you a good idea of what storage product you will need to improve the organization of this space, i.e. plastic drawers, shelves, baskets and bins. 

You need a plan what placed on top of vanity, what placed in drawers or under the sink. 

What placed on top of vanity:

What placed in drawer or under the sink:

  • daily products, makeups
  • extra linen towels
  • toilet paper rolls
  • other essentials in bathroom

You would prefer a clutter-free vanity top. As a visual reminder to keep your vanity top clutter free, you can decorated it with a sweet smelling diffuser and pretty pot of succulents.

Hope that you can look at these to remind you to simply place items back underneath when finished to help keep your bathroom tidy.

5. Store and Organize

Place new storage solutions into vanity and start organizing, remembering to keep like items together. Use plastic drawers to help organize different items. 

To make it easier to use the daily products, place them into this plastic insert, which can easily be moved to the vanity when in use and then placed back under the shelf. 

Plastic drawers are a great use of space and made storing like items together much easier.

6. Label

You could go that extra step and label each of your baskets, drawers etc. to make it easier to find items when you need them. You could use a label machine or write-on-labels.

7. Maintain

Now that your space is tidy and organized, do the best you can to keep it that way. 

  • If you have not used a product in 6 months, purge it. 
  • Don’t place items that don’t belong in the bathroom.
  • Store extra supplies like soap, toilet paper in your bathroom for easy access. 
  • Make cleaning easy by keeping a caddy of cleaning supplies at easy reach. A rolling cart will help.

If you still find no space for storage bathroom items, you can put a rolling cart besides vanity.

Hope above helps you to organize your vanity.

rolling cart in bathroom
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