5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Counters Organized

Kitchen counters often go one of two ways. If you have a small counter, you might spend a fair amount of time lamenting how little will fit on it. And if your counter is spacious, you might complain that it acts as a clutter magnet. Here are five tips to help you keep your kitchen counter organized and neat, regardless of its size.

1. Keep Counters Clear

Always aim to keep your kitchen counter as clear as possible. For instance, don’t let paper towels take up previous counter real estate. Instead, stash them on side of the fridge ( Magnetic Fridge paper towel holder and spice rack), or hang them from a holder attached to the cabinet. ( Adhesive paper towel holder )Likewise, sink-related items, such as sponges and dish soap, can sometimes fit in caddies designed to go inside the sink itself to free up counter space. Moreover, if you keep a grocery or todo list on the counter, instead consider a pen and paper with magnetic backs that will stick to the fridge. And if it works for your kitchen, using wall mounted pegboard organizing for storage to free up counter space. 

magnetic fridge spice rack and paper towel holder

2. Keep a Junk Bowl

If your kitchen counter ends up being the repository of random household knickknacks, papers, and other items, place a catch-all bowl or bin in a corner of the counter to hold it all. Every week or so, sort through this collection, and put the items in their proper places. You also might consider implementing some new organization habits, such as using a dedicated mail holder or a jar for change, to keep counter clutter from piling up.

3. Jars on counter top

You can store dry foods, rubber bands, twist ties, and practically anything else in mason jars and other container on your counter. Just make sure the containers seal tightly if you’re keeping food in them. Keeping items in containers helps to make them easily accessible, and it allows you to get rid of any unsightly or bulky packaging. Simple choose the same type of container or ones that look good when grouped together, and line them up on your counter for a neat, organized appearance. Push them against the wall or backsplash to keep the space at the front of your counter clear. 

4. Use utensil holder on countertop

Instead of cluttering a drawer with large and irregularly shaped cooking utensils, such as spatulas and strainers, store such tools upright in a vase, jar, or other container on your kitchen counter. They’ll be visible and easy to grab when you need them. Plus, choosing a decorative vessel will add some aesthetic value to this practical organizing method. You can also store flatware this way, which will eliminate the need for drawer dividers. And you can simply place the container full of cutlery on the table for casual meals rather than doling out utensils individually to each person.

5. Divide the Counter Space by functions

To keep things organized, mentally divide your kitchen counter into sections. For example, a section close to where you eat can hold your fruit bowl while a section by the stove can hold your cooking utensils and frequently used spices. A revolving spice rack will help. This way, every item you keep on your countertop will have its place where you’ll easily be able to find it. And strategically organizing like this can make for an overall neater look in your kitchen.

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